NEW Larch with translucent paint finish

In addition to iron sulphate treatment, we are now also offering Siberian larch exterior cladding and decking with translucent paint finish.

Finishing Siberian larch with random paints is not advisable and risky due to the high resin content of the material that can react to the paint and cause flaking.

Siberian larch has the impregnation from the nature, unfinished exterior cladding or decking has an equal product lifetime to much more expensive tropical species.

It is also a sustainable choice that origins from the renewable forests of Siberia.  

Due to the sophisticated nature of finishing Siberian larch it needs professional handling that Puidukoda painting line is able to offer.

We have made tests with the Sikkens surface coating system developed by Akzo Nobel specialy for Siberian larch.

2 different finishing systems (for exterior cladding and for decking) have been tested for 2 years with sample stands in outside conditions.

The results show that Sikkens surface coating systems are perfectly suitable for finishing Siberian larch cladding and decking.

The new painting system gives the possibility to combine the durability and long lifetime of the Siberian larch cladding and decking with a colour of your choice. It is possible to choose from roughly 100 Akzo Nobel translucent color tones:

Painted Siberian larch