The customer’s expectations and needs for the quality of planed timber usually differ, depending on the purpose and function of the product needed. For instance interior profiles like Flooring and Interior Cladding have higher quality demands then exterior cladding.

We have taken this into account when making our new, usage based quality descriptions, affective since March 2010. There is an individual quality description for Flooring, Exterior Cladding etc.

Besides standard quality sorting we offer client-based quality sorting and can take into account order-based special needs.

Puidukoda guide External Cladding413.41 KB
Puidukoda guide Flooring233.6 KB
Puidukoda guide Decking1.68 MB
Puidukoda guide Interior Cladding294.67 KB
Puidukoda quality C24 C18 up to 45x70 insta14288.08 KB
Puidukoda quality C18 C14 bigger than 45x70 insta14287.66 KB
Puidukoda quality C30 C24 bigger than 45x70 insta14287.56 KB
Puidukoda quality ABC92.89 KB
Puidukoda quality B93.87 KB
Puidukoda_quality_C-ENG.pdf91.43 KB
Puidukoda quality interior&flooring A+90.77 KB
Puidukoda quality interior&flooring AB91.33 KB
Puidukoda quality interior&flooring A91.18 KB
Puidukoda quality decking AB91.99 KB
Puidukoda quality exterior cladding AB91.98 KB
Puidukoda quality Four-sides planed AB92.88 KB
Visual inspection requirements of machine graded material (C24M).pdf69.79 KB
Puidukoda disclaimer for colour differences of painted cladding 2019.pdf23.12 KB