Puidukoda as an employer

Puidukoda is a company that engages their employees to come to work positively charged and leave with a sense of joy and satisfaction at the end of the day. We offer challenging work, great team dynamics, an opportunity to develop yourself and achieve results in a development-oriented company. We are characterized by a people-oriented organisational culture and responsibility.

To have reached our products being available to over 40 countries, it has taken the contribution of all of our employees, from the active sales managers, eagle-eyed planer masters, conscientious line operators, precise forklift drivers, competent logistics assistants, acute accountants as well as an inspiring management team.

Our values

It is important for us that we do our work happily and with dedication. If you feel that you want to make the world more colorful, you are welcome to join our team.

Learning friendly employer of the year 2020

We are located in Karksi, Viljandi County, and we are one of the largest employers in the region, but at the same time our location is also our disadvantage, as it is difficult to find employees. As a result, we do our best to ensure that team members grow and develop inside our company and we are motivated to explore and learn more in our field of activity. Our goal is to ensure sustainability and consistency throughout the organisation. Supporting learning and self-development undoubtedly creates this.

OÜ Puidukoda has been operating since 1997 and is one of the largest producers of Nordic softwood planed timber and its valuers in the Baltics. Our products are sold worldwide: 80% of our products are exported to Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America. Your new job is located in Karksi, Viljandi county and You have nearly 115 colleagues waiting for You with open arms. The company’s turnover in 2019 was over 35 million euros.

Why work in Puidukoda OÜ?

Opportunity to fulfill yourself

We provide comprehensive training and enable You to move forward within the organization.

We spend time with the team

Whether it’s orientating, birthday celebrations, picnics, a Swedish cruise or something else.

We support the health of our employees

We support your sports activities, provide regular massage, health checks, and proper work clothes.

Free weekends

We work from Monday to Friday in two shifts (6:00-14:30 and 14:30-23:00).

Opportunity to shape Your salary

In addition to the base salary, we offer You a performance fee depending on Your work results.

“At Puidukoda OÜ, we highly value Your experience and learning ability. Our company has a positive atmosphere and people-oriented organizational culture. We push each other to reach common goals together.

At the beginning of the new year, we will start renovating the complex, which will include a new sauna, wardrobe, children’s rooms, lounges and kitchens.”

Marit Tisler

Human Resources Manager

“Puidukoda is an innovative company that strives for continuous development. We are currently in the process of upgrading systems, which is why it is the best time to join us and contribute to the development of the company and systems.

We consider a person’s good teamwork and communication skills and positive attitude towards life to be very important.”

Rein Vaheoja

Head of logistics and administration

“Three years ago I started in Puidukoda OÜ as a planer. At the beginning, I had to play the role of a shift manager and occasionally the replacement of production master. Thanks to a favourable working environment and supportive management team, I quickly developed into a production master.

If You have the desire and will, then here You can realise Yourself and develop within the organization.”

Ivalo Martens

Production master of core production

Puidukoda in numbers

Turnover in 2019

∼35 000 000 €



Production export



Forklift driver

The forklift driver is our first link, they deliver the timber to the right place, when need and in prime condition. They knows the quality of the lumber, are able to make a load plan and shares their knowledge helpfully.


The planer is the intial leader of our team. Their task is to motivate our all important production workers, while ensuring we produce top quality of planing and the smooth work of the planer.

Band saw operator

The band saw operator is the right hand of the planer master and thanks to him the quality of the raw material of Puidukoja are the best. The band saw operator is responsible for ensuring that the high-quality material moves on the line and the band saw works smoothly.

Post-production specialist

The post-production specialist ensures that there is material to use for packaging. They use all the wood waste and are able to handle various machines.


The sorter checks and shirts woods to the required quality in accordance with the quality guidelines of the Wood Chamber. Their exacting eye is the last to judge quality.

Line operator

The line operator is both the first and last link in our production chain. They careful examine the material: preparing it and later packing the finished product.

Color line specialist and operator

This team adds the finishing touches to our products. Exactly what our customer wants. Be it primed, surface painted or painted with glaze. They are not missing colours!

Our offer for you

– Training and education opportunities (according to your wishes and the needs of the company)
– SportID sports allowance (33 euros per month)
– Work clothes
– Medical examination, influenza vaccine
– Company events: moody summer days and Christmas party, team events from different departments and commemoration with a birthday present
– For your children: Christmas package, 1st grader allowance, childbirth allowance


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