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Osaühing Puidukoda  (Puidukoda Ltd)




Osaühing Puidukoda with registry code 10207067 (“Us”) is engaged in the production and marketing of value-added high quality softwood planing material. In addition, we deliver several wood post-processing options such as painting, cabling, end step and impregnation.

During the extent of our activities we process personal data. It is important for us that the processing of any personal data takes place thoughtfully, purposefully and securely, in order to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

This Privacy Policy reflects Our policy on how we process personal data and the obligations, rights and responsibilities associated with it.

Our address is Kivi tn 25, Karksi village, Mulgi parish, Viljandi county 69104, info@puidukoda.eu.


Personal data and processing of personal data

As most of direct customers are legal entities, we process personal data in our day-to-day business mainly as an authorised processor, only in certain cases also as a controller.

As an authorised processor, we receive personal data from our legal entity customers, mainly through the executing of the ordering process of our products. As an authorised processor, we process such personal data in accordance with the written instructions of the controller of personal data and, if a data processing agreement has been entered into, then in accordance with this agreement.

As the controller, we receive personal data directly from the data subject (“You”) when you contact Us (for example via Our website) or visit Our website (“cookies”). As the controller, we determine the purposes and means and conditions of the processing of our personal data.

Among other things, we process the following personal data:

  1. Personal data, eg first name, surname, personal identification code, date of birth;
  2. Contact information, eg address, telephone number, e-mail address, language of communication;
  3. Invoice details, such as purchase details and history;
  4. “Cookie” information.


Purposes of the processing of personal data

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To process your requests and inquiries;
  2. To correspond with you;
  3. in connection with the provision of services and/or the preparation for the provision of services (i.e. for the performance of the contract, for pre-contractual negotiations);
  4. to exercise our rights and fulfil our obligations arising from legal acts (eg to fulfil an accounting obligation);


Legal bases for the processing of personal data

We process personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in force in Estonia. Therefore the Estonia document will remain the predominant legal reference.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is mainly your consent (Clause 3 (1) of the Data Protection Conditions) and Our legitimate interest (Clause 3 (2) of the Data Protection Conditions), as well as the fulfilment of the concluded customer agreement (Clause 3 (3)). 3 (4)).


Values ​​and general principles we follow when processing personal data

We always have a legal basis for processing personal data, ie We process personal data legally.

We have clear purposes for processing personal data and only process personal data in the duty of these purposes.

We follow the principle of minimisation in the processing of personal data, i.e. we process only relevant and necessary personal data.

We do our best to protect your personal information. We implement various measures to protect personal data (physical, technical, organisational).

We only transfer personal data to those who have a legal right to do so (legal authorities, supervisory authorities) or with whom we have entered into a data processing agreement (Our authorised processors).

We retain personal information only for as long as retention is required by law or agreement or is necessary for our business. Upon termination of storage, we will permanently delete personal data.



We do use “cookies” on our website, which you can accept if you decide to use our website. “Cookies” are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the website visitor’s computer and help us to improve the website services offered to you and make them more convenient for you.

We use essential “cookies” only, which are predominantly for navigating the website, using the functions of the website and providing you with the services chosen. Without these “cookies”, we will not be able to display the website or provide you with services.

We also use other “cookies”, such as statistical (collecting information about how users use the website to assist in improving the performance of the website) and preferences (allowing you to remember the choices and characteristics made by previously and to provide more personal and convenient ways to use the website). In addition, we also use third-party “cookies”, such as:

Google Analytics “Cookies”

We use website traffic data to analyse new or returning visitors, which website is being visited, how long the users are active on our website, and where the visitors are being referred from to our website. Such information is important to us so that we can better understand the behaviour of our website visitors and thereby improve our future user experience of our website.


Google cookies allow us to target your ads and measure the effectiveness of such ads.

As a visitor to the website, you can choose to disable or restrict the storage of cookies on your device as you see fit. You can also delete all cookies that have been stored on your device so far. To do this, you need to change the privacy settings of your personal browser. However, with cookies disabled or restricted, not all website functionality may work.


Your rights regarding personal data

You retain the right to access your personal data.

You retain the right to request the correction of your personal data.

You retain the right to be forgotten, ie you have the right to request that We delete your personal data.

In certain cases, you retain the right to prohibit or restrict the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time (eg if you have objected to the processing of personal data).

You retain the right to object to the processing of your personal data by Us if your personal data is processed in the light of Our legitimate interest or public interest.

You retain the right to submit a complaint about the processing of personal data by us to the Data Protection Inspectorate (www.aki.ee).

You can find more information about your rights in Chapter 3 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights or ask questions about how your personal data if protected, please send us a corresponding request by e-mail to info@puidukoda.eu. As a rule, we will respond to your request by e-mail no later than within one month of receipt. Please note that if you need to be provided with Personal Data then we must ask for verification of your identity in advance.


Disclosure of personal data

Your personal information is deemed confidential. We only disclose personal data if the corresponding obligation arises directly from a piece of legislation. We disclose personal data to our authorised processor after having entered into a written data processing agreement.

The processing of personal data usually takes place within the European Economic Area (in addition to the EU countries Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). If we need to transfer Personal Data outside the European Economic Area, the transfer will take place in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


Retention of personal data

We retain Personal Data for as long as it is required or permitted by law or necessary to achieve the stated purposes.

We retain personal data related to disputes until the expiration of the claim.

After the expiry of the term of storage of Personal Data, we will permanently delete the Personal Data.


What to do in case of personal data breach?

Please notify Us immediately of any personal data breach or threat of breach known to you at info@puidukoda.eu. We take the issue of personal data security seriously and will respond immediately to any breach.