Puidukoda is a highly regarded international planed timber producer.

Puidukoda is a planing mill founded in 1997 in Southern Estonia. It is a subsidiary of the French timber company Protac, which itself is part of the Rose Group, a family company founded in 1949 in northwestern France. Protac’s core focus is on the production, impregnation, finishing and marketing of planed timber throughout France.

Puidukoda produces and markets high-quality softwood planed timbers (Nordic spruce, Nordic pine and larch) through its modern, flexible and precise fully automated production line. (from sorting to sawing, planing and foiling)

We care about quality

We use high-quality Nordic coniferous wood as our raw material, the bulk of which is ecologically sourced from Scandinavia.

We offer several post-processing options – painting, cabling, end-matching, impregnation.

+ More than 25 years of experience in our field
+ We understand and respect the value of wood
+ High quality Nordic wood products
+ Efficient and innovative product design
+ Traditional classical and tasteful designs

+ Extensive product range
+ We export to more than 35 countries
+ We strive to create new trends in our products and our industry
+ We posess the highest competencies in every stage of our process
+ Sustainability and small ecological footprint are important to our existance and our corporate culture

Wood is a highly valued milieu creator and natural environment keeper both in the interior and exterior living spaces.



Puidukoda was founded in 1997 in Southern Estonia. Our main activity is the production and marketing of quality value-added softwood planing materials such as Nordic spruce, Nordic pine and larch.

Puidukoja has a modern, precise and flexible fully automated production line (from sorting to sawing, planing and foiling), which was launched in 2004 and reconstructed in 2010.

In addition, we offer several post-processing options such as: painting, cabling, end-matching and impregnation.

We use only the highest-quality Nordic coniferous wood as our base raw material, that are ecological sourced mainly from Scandinavian countries.

The company employs more than 100 people.

Since 2013, Puidukoda has been part of the Rose Group, a family run French timber company that was founded in 1949 in north-western France.

Puidukoda is also a subsidiary of the Protac company. Protac focuses on the production, impregnation, finishing and marketing of planed material throughout France.

We passionately stand for the creation of
a better living environment

Our Nature



Puidukoda is passionate about creating a better living environment. According to our deep conviction, wood is a valued environmental creator and preserver of the natural environment both indoors and outdoors. Wooden solutions help to create a cozy atmosphere whilst ensuring a healthy indoor climate. Puidukoda can contribute to this with dignity and knows how to highlight the personality of the wood that creates the right mood.



Our wood processing factory was founded in 1997 in Karksi, Southern Estonia. We have been planing spruce, pine and larch over 25 years for use as interior and exterior cladding, decking, flooring and construction wood. Every day, 100 dedicated people from our company are committed to the well-being of our customers, the rapid development of our industry and the creation of new trends. We market our products in more than 35 countries.



We are driven by product development and a high level of consistency based on our knowledge and curiosity, the courage to experiment and adapt new technologies and finishing techniques.

We are proud to offer to our customers both the traditional as well as innovative uses of wood, while preserving the character of each variety. We know and we want everyone to know that when surrounded by wood, people are healthier and nature is protected and maintained.

Responsible Business


Responsible business Puidukoda

At Puidukoda, we consider operating a sustainable and responsible business to be most important. We develop this mindset, from the choice of raw materials to the well-being of our employees. We have designed our production and work organisation in such a way that it follows the best practices of a responsible and environmentally friendly company.

We use renewable natural resources, thereby reducing our ecological footprint and thus contributing to a nature-sustainable lifestyle. The biggest advantage of using wood is that it binds large amounts of carbon.

From the point of view of sustainability, it is important that we use wood economically, creating valueable products from all the materials we use. Wood processing consumes less water than the production of other building materials, and we also aim to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by choosing more economical ways of transport.

We consciously contribute not only to cost savings, but also to raising environmental awareness in our company as well as in our customers. We are happy if you choose our products, as it contributes to the development of a greener and more environmentally friendly business and to the continued maintenence and protecting of nature.


CE certificates and declarations of performance

The CE mark is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with European Union health, safety and environmental protection standards.

1. Certificate of strength-graded material: PDF
2. Inner lining board, outer lining board and right to CE marking of the terrace: PDF
3. Right to CE marking of the floorboard: PDF

Declarations of performance:

1. Declaration: PDF
2. Declaration: PDF

FSC® ja PEFC™ supply chain certificates

The FSC certificate shows that the company meets the highest social and environmental requirements on the market.

The PEFC forest management certificate shows that the forest owner manages his forests in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and meets the requirements of the forest management standard, including monitoring forest developments, advocating for new generations to grow, monitoring forest health and preserving biodiversity.

1. FSC ® Certificate: PDF, FSC® Certificate Search
2. PEFC™ Certificate: PDF

ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate

The purpose of ISO 9001 certification is to prove that the company meets its quality standards in accordance with international standards.

The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate certifies the efficiency of the system and the confirmation that the company has implemented all the necessary quality assurance measures to ensure the commitments made.

1. ISO9001: PDF


Czech Republic


Puidukoda CZ s.r.o.


The sale of planed timber in the Czech Republic goes back to 2010, the name Puidukoda CZ s.r.o. was introduced in spring 2013. Puidukoda CZ sells and manufactures Nordic Spruce, Pine and Larch exterior and interior cladding, flooring, decking and other planed goods.




Puidukoda Polska


Since 2004, Puidukoja’s products have been available in Poland – they are sold by Puidukoda Polska. The subsidiary has warehouses in Pisz, near Konin in Weglewa and Lublin. Puidukoda Polska attaches great importance to modern, technologically advanced production solutions, the aim of which is to increase efficiency and ensure that orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible.




South Korea
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Sri Lanka
New Zealand


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